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Exciting New Features Arriving to Azure Logic Apps (Standard)

As most new integrations are now carried out in the cloud using Azure Integration Services, we are excited to see three very useful new capabilities arrive to Azure Logic Apps (Standard).

Public Preview – SWIFT Message Processing

This new feature enables organisations to process SWIFT-based payment transactions with Logic Apps (Standard). Being able to easily create SWIFT workloads to automate their processing, will enable financial institutions worldwide to send and receive transactions in a safe, standardised, and reliable environment, whilst reducing errors and associated costs.

The new SWIFT connector has two actions – Encoder and Decoder for MT messages – and has two important capabilities. First, the transformation of messages from flat file to XML and vice versa. Second, message validation based on the SWIFT Release guide specifications.

For more details on how to use SWIFT in Logic Apps, check out the blog from the Logic Apps team.

Public Preview – XSLT & .NET Framework Support

This new feature in Azure Logic Apps (Standard) adds XSLT maps supports and aids migrations from BizTalk Server into Azure Integration Services. Or those organisations who currently utilise expensive Integration Accounts via Logic App Consumption.

Using this capability, organisations using BizTalk Server wanting to move to the cloud can now move their data transformations without the need to re-map nodes and elements.

Previously, organisations were also able to upload XSLT maps to an Integration Account where a consumption-based Logic App could execute that map via an out-of-the-box action. This capability is now being brought to Azure Logic App (Standard), without a dependency on the Integration Account. Providing organisations with significant cost savings.

For a look at the announcement and a walkthrough on how to implement this, check out the video by Kent, Principal Product Manager from the Azure Logic Apps team.

Generally Available – Large Content Transfers Using Built-In Connectors

There is a known issue with some connectors not being able to deal with extremely large content sizes causing them not to load completely in memory.

SFTP and Azure Blob connectors provide support for transferring files up to 1GiB (1024 MiB) or more via the shared cloud environment. Now, this feature has also been provisioned through Logic Apps (Standard) built-in connectors, which provides no limitation on the file size for download and upload operations.

For exact details on how to use this feature and in-depth performance graphs on transferring such large amounts of data, see the release blog.

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