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Four Ways We Focus on Clients and Results

Here at Ballard Chalmers we focus on four key priorities:

1) Technical skills, knowledge and experience,
2) A flexible approach,
3) Commitment to our clients, and
4) The results – which really is the product of the previous three.

We have seen it is the skill of our technical team, the management skills of our delivery team, and our commitment to creating the best product possible in the time and budget available, which combine to create excellent results and happy clients.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Our technical skill all starts with our co-founder and CTO, Geoff Ballard, trainer and author in Microsoft Technology and a technical consultant for over 30 years. With a BA Hons degree, MSc in Database Management Systems, certifications in SQL Server Development and more we couldn’t ask for a better technical leader for the company.

From there we have gone on to build a highly skilled development team. Our senior technical architects and senior software engineers have years of experience and we specialise in SharePoint Server, Azure, Xamarin, BizTalk Server and .NET. And here is what our happy clients have to say:

“Ballard Chalmers’ development speed generated more updates in six months than the last three years’ total. The team’s detailed approach and level of technical expertise assure that minimal product testing is required before launch. Their level of engagement stands out among others in the field. Having been in Information Technology for 30 years, I have never worked with such an agile company before, and I very much doubt we would have made these advancements with any other software partner.” – Boyd Neal, Managing Director, AppCan

“Ballard Chalmers built a .NET/SQL application for one of our Fortune 500 clients that totally exceeded expectations. They rapidly turned complex business processes and a SKU list of thousands into an easy to use application that enabled our client to run a very successful partner awards programme. At every point Ballard Chalmers brought expert technical knowledge combined with ability to make the complex and often confusing simple and organised.” – Lucy Jarmen, Director, Ratio Creative

“Moving our Global ERP System from an on-premises solution to a Cloud hybrid solution presented some technical challenges during design and implementation phases. Ballard Chalmers consultants provided the skills and expertise needed to successfully complete the project. We are extremely happy with the end result and the service provided by Ballard Chalmers.” – Paul Saunders, Head of IT EMEA and Global Networks, Imagination

Flexible approach

We have found it is understanding the industries we work with and the willingness to have a flexible approach which makes all the difference. We use a uniquely practical blend of waterfall and agile software development. And our breadth of core services gives us the flexibility to work with you across any point of the development lifecycle.

Tried and tested for over thirty years we know we can deliver honest, expert partnership to create successful project outcomes, on time and within in budget.

Here is what our clients have to say:

“The integration with HMCTS is critical to our business. In the short timescales available, the easy option would have been to develop a specific point solution, adding yet more complexity to our systems landscape. Instead, the use of BizTalk provides us with flexibility to enhance the solution as the integration with HMCTS evolves, whilst being able to extend the use of this service to other parts of the business if required.” – Andrew Souter, Business Systems Manager, Shoosmith

“When Ballard Chalmers proposed Microsoft PowerApps as our solution it enabled us to have a cost-effective, easy to use application, delivered within very tight timescales. The product itself is very flexible, so it needed a flexible approach and good collaboration, which we certainly got from the Ballard Chalmers team.” – Shaun Le Geyt, IT Consultant, Parkinson’s UK

“They are always available to have a conversation, and are quick to respond to any questions we have. The openness within the channels is great. They deploy changes quickly, and show good flexibility to address any issues we have.” – Junior Project Manager, OVO Energy

Commitment to Our Clients

Co-founder of Ballard Chalmers, Andrew Chalmers, the Managing Director has over 30 years’ experience in business management. Covering roles of Project Manager, Interim Manager and Managing Director over the years. It is his business experience which combines with the technical quality that gives our clients a high customer service and exchange.

All our work is done with practicality and usability in mind – just what all businesses actually need. And whether we are providing application support, acting as software consultants or developers, augmenting your in-house team or developing outsourced we ensure you are up-to-date and know where everything stands. Here is what our clients have to say:

“They’re good about keeping us up-to-date and moving things forward. The continuous progress updates and clear communication from project managers and developers in their propriety project management system is refreshing.” – Eddie Erasmus, Head of IT, Young Epilepsy

Ballard Chalmers was great, often going above and beyond the required elements to provide excellent service. They communicated every step of the process, providing up-to-date information so that I didn’t have to chase them down. They’ve done a great job explaining everything to me, in a technical way and not as a sales pitch. I was also impressed with their can-do attitude, and how they approached the challenge of making the project work within a non-profit budget.” – IT Services Manager, Children’s Non-Profit

They are flexible, always willing to help, have very knowledgeable people and take customer satisfaction seriously. Perhaps best of all you know you are in good hands when the senior directors know just as much as their consultants and are quite prepared to get ‘their hands dirty’ and solve the technical problems as well as the commercial ones.” – CIO, Oxford Computer Group


Our commitment to technical skill has resulted in a Microsoft Gold Partnership. Our customer commitment has obtained ISO 9001:2008 and business made up of 90% repeat clients. These combine with our flexible approach to ensure our clients always get the results they are looking for. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. Here is what they have to say:

“Ballard Chalmers is one of a small number of suppliers that help
me sleep soundly at night! The team inspires a vast amount of confidence because they are diligent about following instructions. I can always trust them to deliver high-quality work within deadlines. They’re knowledgeable, and they easily adapt to external constraints. I only wish our other suppliers were half as good as Ballard Chalmers. ” – Greg Morley, United Living

Ballard Chalmers quickly understood our requirement and deployed the right people to deliver the work effectively. The team were extremely professional and highly competent. They had intimate knowledge of the wider Microsoft stack and they drew on the wider experience within the company to ensure they delivered high-quality work. – Sean Tubbs, Founding Partner, Not Binary

I have probably tried every potential method for software engineering projects and this has been by far the most effective experience I have had. The insights brought by Ballard Chalmers were invaluable. Working with a team that has such a breadth of fintech and custom software engineering knowledge helped us forecast challenges in the build even before they arose and work to an effective delivery plan, on time and in budget. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with Ballard Chalmers, who has delivered on all fronts.” – Richard Moreton, CEO, Square Marble Technology

In Closing

There is a wealth of IT specialists out there but we hope to provide something a little more. Care, attention to detail, understanding of deadlines and sympathy to budget. We have left our clients to tell the rest of the story.

If you would like a consultation, quotation or to get in touch, please contact us here. We look forward to talking to you.

Interested in finding out more about it, and how we can help in your organisation? Let’s talk!

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About the Author

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Andrew has over 30 years’ experience in business management. With consultant project manager, interim manager and Managing Director roles particularly in the engineering and manufacturing sector and over much of the world, Andrew brings the business-side experience to complement Geoff’s technical leadership. In 1998 Andrew created one of the very first cloud software development consultancies in the UK, which developed a very early-adoption corporate intranet for Hewlett Packard Europe amongst many other ground-breaking projects.


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