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Incremental ASP.NET Migration Tooling

Microsoft has announced tooling in preview to incrementally migrate ASP.NET apps to ASP.NET Core. It is comprised of:

Now in preview two, this tooling allows endpoints to be gradually moved from one app to the other while the existing application remains production ready and in use. And additionally, the APIs allow code to reference common APIs while targeting .Net Standard 2.0 and able to be used in ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core situations.

Incremental migration is of particular use for business-critical applications that cannot be put on hold for a long migration to ASP.NET Core. This new tooling should aid developers in carrying out migrations while the app remains in use and even adding new functionality as needed.

This blog takes you through an example of an incremental migration and shows how to get started with the new tooling. This blog looks more in-depth at the issue of authentication.

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