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Microsoft Dev Box – Preview

Microsoft Dev Box is a fully managed service, accessed from within the Azure portal. It provides high-performant project-specific workstations in the cloud so that developers can focus on app building and writing code without the need to create a working environment.

Instead, the following can be done:

IT/ Dev infrastructure teams: set and manage network configuration, security settings and organisational policies.

Dev teams: configure dev boxes by project, including Dev Box SKU, cost controls, toolset customisation and dev experience settings.

Developers: simply deploy from the portal the dev box(es) they currently need for tasks and projects.

Microsoft Dev Box supports all tools, SDKs and IDEs that run on Windows and can target all development workloads that are built from Windows. So this includes desktop, mobile, web apps and IoT. In addition, cross-platform development is available with Windows Subsystem for Linux and Windows Subsystem Android.

Microsoft Dev Box is built upon Windows 365, meaning IT admins can manage dev boxes alongside physical devices and cloud PCs using the same tools of Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

No longer do organisations have to choose between managed and secure workstations and speed and flexibility of production.

Sign in to the Azure portal and search for ‘dev box’ to get started with dev boxes.

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