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Move Your Data to the Cloud with Azure – Infographic

Today, more organisations than ever are moving their data to the Cloud.

According to the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) and a whitepaper undertaken by MorpheanPan EU study of physical security solutions shows market set for strong growth as cloud proven to deliver better security, cost benefits and improved functionality. A market that has overcome initial concerns about cyber-security, has understood the clear benefits and will be seeking to adopt such solutions at pace in 2020

The Cloud and Your Organization

If you are like most organisations, you can already see the value of cloud computing and recognise it not just as the way of the future, but something to utilise now. Nonetheless, you likely have some questions about how it all works and what it means for your team to manage, such as:

  • Data back-ups: If you’ve been managing an on-premises server, the idea of sending your data into the cloud can be disconcerting. Where will the data be stored? How will you maintain control of your IP and data assets?
  • Recovery: What if something happens to the servers storing your data? How will you access your business-critical information without service interruption for your end-customers?
  • Security: How will you protect data in-transit and at rest? Will you even know if there has been a security breach? How will you mitigate threats if your data lives outside of your firewall?

Fortunately, Microsoft has been solving these problems for years and has developed industry-leading back-up, recovery, and security solutions. The decision of which cloud provider to choose is an important one. The facts and figures for Azure speak for themselves, so we present to you this infographic!

Microsoft Infographic


Source: Microsoft

Download your copy – Move Your Data to the Cloud with Azure – Infographic.

Ballard Chalmers and the Cloud

At Ballard Chalmers, we have been pioneering in the cloud since 1998. Our experts have undertaken hundreds of cloud migrations for our clients. We can help you weigh up the existing investment in your on-premises data centre and consider the costs of moving to the cloud.  You can then determine whether it is right for your organisation. We are happy to have a conversation with you to discuss your move the cloud – contact us.

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