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Named Replicas in Hyperscale Tier of Azure SQL Database

Named replicas in the Hyperscale tier of Azure SQL Database is now generally available after being released into public preview last summer. This capability allows scale-out on a range of read workloads. Of particular use for highly concurrent OLTP workloads or HTAP solutions for real-time data analytics.

Named replicas are created without copying data around, meaning they can normally be replicated in less than a minute, no matter the size of the primary database.

With named replicas you can:

  • Create up to 30 secondary read-only replicas
  • Make use of Azure Hybrid benefit
  • Use a different database name to the primary replica
  • Locate the replica on a different logical sever
  • Set and change the Service Level Objective independently to the primary replica
  • Create different logins for each named replica on logical servers hosting named replicas

You can read about this capability in more detail in the documentation.

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