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.NET 7 Now Generally Available

As is customary, November has brought us the next iteration of .NET – .NET 7! The teams are certainly getting the big releases out before the end of the year.

The list of improvements and new capabilities arriving in .NET 7 is enormous, it looks like a big leap in capability.

For a very in-depth look at .NET 7 (over 11,000 words!), head over to the release blog on DevBlogs. For an overview and the highlights, read on.

.NET 7.0 Highlights

Based on the .NET 7 announcement blog, this list is the key focus and takeaway of what you are getting with .NET 7.

  • Improved unification with:
    • One Base Class Library
    • New Target Framework Moniker
    • Native support for ARM64
    • Enhanced .NET support on Linux
  • Built for modern cloud-native apps:
    • .NET MAUI is now a part of .NET 7
    • The .NET Upgrade Assistant which on top of guidance in some cases can perform migrations for you
    • Azure support from day one
    • Built-in container support
  • Simpler than ever:
    • Write less and simplify your code with C# 11
    • Inclusion of Generic Math in the base class library
  • Performance improvements include:
    • On Stack Replacement (OSR)
    • Dynamic Profile-Guided Optimization that works with OSR
    • Native AOT

Additionally, .NET 7 was released alongside all of the following:

How to Upgrade

If you are already on .NET Core (simply .NET from version 5.0 onwards) then it is a simple upgrade. However, if you are on a .NET Framework version, then per this documentation the recommendation currently is to extend rather than migrate.

You can download .NET 7.0 here.

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