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.NET MAUI for .NET 7

.NET’s famous phrase is ‘your platform for building anything’. That’s why it’s no surprise that .NET MAUI is now being released as an integral part of .NET major releases. This means that with the general availability of .NET 7, .NET MAUI  is seeing its next major release and a host of improvements.

.NET MAUI may have only gone into general availability six months ago but the team has been hard at work for this next major release. Due to the short time between releases, the focus was on addressing feedback reports and improving the performance of CoolectionView. Exciting new features have also arrived to expand reach beyond mobile onto desktop.

To upgrade your MAUI projects from .NET 6 to .NET 7, open the csproj file and change the target framework monikers (TFM) from 6 to 7. If you are in no rush to upgrade, .NET 6 is in support until May 2023 and this includes .NET MAUI.

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