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.NET MAUI General Availability

Microsoft Build saw the General Availability of .NET MAUI! We have been following the journey throughout the previews and release candidate and it is very exciting to now see this available and built into .NET 6.

.NET MAUI provides cross-platform development for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Tizen. It is designed to create the best app experience available, just as though it was a natively designed application.

.NET MAUI is supported under the normal release schedule of 18 months and is now in line to be serviced with the monthly cadence of .NET. There are known issues but the MAUI team are prioritising their resolution.

The joy of cross-platform development is that apps look and feel like they were built for each operating system without the need for additional code. .NET MAUI uses native UI via the premier app toolkits supplied by each platform and Microsoft’s fastest mobile platform to date paired with modern developer productivity.

Get Started

For .NET MAUI on Windows, you will need to install or update Visual Studio 2022 Preview to version 17.3 Preview 1.1 Be sure to choose the workload ‘.NET Multi-platform App UI development’ in the installer. Visual Studio Preview

For .NET MAUI on Mac, you will need to install Visual Studio 2022 preview for Mac version 17.3 Preview 1. Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview

Learn More

We have a blog series available taking you through the difference between .NET MAUI and Xamarin and how to get started with MAUI.

From Microsoft there are a wide array of resources already available, but here are a few key links to the basic documentation:

And for those of you wanting to dive in and learn how to use MAUI right away:

If a cross-platform application is what you are looking for but not something you want to build yourself, then why not get in touch and have our expert developers build it for you:

Attend a live webinar: Discover cross-platform development with .NET MAUI and Xamarin. Learn how to integrate the latest Microsoft tech into your organisation.

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