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.NET MAUI Preview 13

.NET MAUI Preview 13 is out together with Visual Studio 17.2 Preview 1. With the release upcoming, not only have we got quality improvements but surprisingly also new implementations. For a full rundown of the changes in this release, check out the GitHub: Release 6.0.200-preview.13 · dotnet/maui · GitHub.

Of particular note in this release is the removal of Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting for a better startup time. For more information on how to configure your app and how it starts up on each platform, check out the release blog here: Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 13 – .NET Blog.


.NET MAUI Documentation

Great news for developers wanting to dive in is the .NET MAUI documentation has been greatly added to with new pages on installation, compiled bindings, gestures, publish and subscribe to messages, templates, triggers, animation, controls, layouts, views, buttons, graphics, and the list just keeps on going. To dive into .NET MAUI, read up on specific features and more, here is the documentation: .NET Multi-Platform App UI documentation

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