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.NET MAUI Preview Releases 11 & 12

With the release of .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) previews 11 and 12 in January, things are looking on track for the Release Candidate in Q1 2022 and General Availability release in Q2 2022. You can keep an eye on the current status of releases in the .NET MAUI product roadmap: Roadmap · dotnet/maui Wiki · GitHub.

With the release candidate drawing closer, preview releases are turning a focus to stabilisation and quality improvements rather than many new capabilities. However, there is still a lot to get excited about.

.NET MAUI Preview 11

This release adds:

  • The first batch of fluent UI control styling
  • Control features
  • An additional set of iOS type alignment
  • Multi-window implementations.

Find out more about these features in a blog from David Ortinau, the Principal Program Manager, .NET MAUI: Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 11 – .NET Blog (

.NET MAUI Preview 12

Preview 12 adds:

  • Enhancements to Shell
  • .NET 6 unification – iOS types
  • Windows extended toolbar – non-Shell
  • Compatibility handlers for RelativeLayout and Absolutelayout
  • Z Index property
  • FlyoutView handler – Android
  • New documentation for App icons, App lifecycle, Brushes, Controls and Single Project

Read about these features in David’s latest blog: Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 12 – .NET Blog (

Find out more about .NET MAUI

We have a .NET MAUI blog series in progress. Check out the first instalments to get yourself oriented to .NET MAUI and how it differs from Xamarin:

If you want to dive in yourself, you can see the documentation on how to install and get started from Microsoft:

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