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New and Improved Azure Front Door

The new and improved Azure Front Door (AFD) launches with two tiers – Standard and Premium. These combine the capabilities of Azure Front Door (classic) and Azure CDN from Microsoft (classic) and combine with Azure Web Application Firewall. Together the new Azure Front Door is a modern, unified, secure and simple native cloud content delivery network (CDN).

Azure Front Door has been designed to deliver higher availability, lower latency, better scale, and more secure experiences to your users wherever they are in the world.

With its modern architecture, AFD is fully integrated with other Azure apps and services. It is DevOps friendly and provides advanced analytics. It has built-in intelligent security, with Azure Private Link, Azure Firewall and more.

Microsoft’s global network connects you to hundreds of edge locations in a simple cost model for excellent static and dynamic delivery.

Get started with Azure Front Door Standard and Premium in the Azure portal or for further information, check out the documentation: Azure Front Door | Microsoft Docs.

What About Azure Front Door Classic?

Both the existing Azure Front Door and Azure CDN (now labelled classic) will continue to be available and supported. However, as always, they will no longer be receiving enhancements. So, to enjoy the latest capabilities you will need to migrate to Azure Front Door Standard or Premium.

Microsoft will be announcing zero downtime migrations soon so you can easily make the switch to the new Azure Front Door.

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