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On Demand Webinar – Application Modernisation

Application Modernisation with Azure

Application Modernisation with Azure

Modern Applications are cloud-native and are developed in the cloud for the cloud. They are agile, scalable, resilient, service-based, able to integrate with other systems and above all faster to develop. The modern application developer creates small self-contained and focused microservices that consume other services and are themselves consumed by other services. These microservices are deployed and orchestrated in the cloud. Gone are the days of the large on-premises monolithic application.


  • Introduction & Overview of Transparity
  • Introduction to Modern App Development in Azure
  • Azure DevOps: PaaS for the developer
  • Azure DevOps Demo
  • Azure Services for Modern Apps
  • Azure Services Auto Scaling Demo
  • Containerisation
  • Serverless Computing
  • Azure Functions Demo
  • Next Steps / Q&A / Close
Geoff Ballard | CTO

Geoff Ballard

Geoff is the CTO of Ballard Chalmers, the software development arm of Transparity. Directing technical strategy, overseeing technical consultants, managing larger development projects and ensuring technical delivery and quality standards.

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