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Our Work with Associo

AssocioWe recently engaged in extensive POC development as part of an interesting R&D process for the Legal Tech startup, Associo.

Associo was founded by the sought-after commercial barrister, David Blayney. The plan is for a new technology platform that uses AI and other cutting-edge technology to transform the way that lawyers and others analyse legal and factual issues. It will marshal the evidence relating to cases, develop reasoned opinions and arguments, and make and record reasoned decisions.

Associo started with a POC designed to consume documents, make relationships between documents, draw inferences from the documents through indexing and AI and to produce court packs of evidence from the documents.

We developed this POC using the technology: React, .Net Core, C#, Web API, Gremlin, CosmosDB, Graph database, Signal-R, Python NLP, Docker, App Services, Blob Storage and Cognitive Search, all on Azure.

The product is evolving from the initial concepts. The new design incorporates a Reasoning Engine that allows a lawyer to define the objectives for a particular case and record the facts to support those objectives in order to win the case with templates for typical types of cases.

The POC is currently in user testing with excellent feedback to date. We are looking forward to seeing the Associo team progress the project to live and great success.

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