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Power BI – Announcement of Paginated Reports and Migration Tool

Public Preview – Azure Analysis Services to Power BI Premium Migration Tool

This automated migration tool allows migration from Azure Analysis Services to Power BI Premium. As well as Power BI Embedded and Power BI Premium Per User at the click of a button. Though migration was already possible, this tool should reduce issues with manual intervention and speed up the migration process.

Though deprecating Azure Analysis Services (AAS) doesn’t seem to be in the cards, Power BI Premium is becoming the attractive place to be and is now operating as a superset of AAS.

To find out more about this migration tool and interesting Power BI capabilities, sign up for this on-demand webinar from the Power BI team.

Generally Available – Support for Paginated Reports in Power BI Pro

Power BI Pro now provides paginated reports as well as interactive reports. Paginated reports are particularly useful for multi-page list-type reports such as catalogues and invoicing.

If you don’t yet see this feature, the roll-out should be completed by the end of 2022.

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