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4 Useful Online Resources for Xamarin Developers

In the development world, it is important to stay up to date with the latest technology, languages and tools. This is especially true for Xamarin developers, where mobile technology changes at such a fast pace.

In our own research, we have found plenty of useful online Xamarin resources, but they are scattered all over the web. Also, what used to be great resources often become outdated. For that reason, we thought we would share the sites we find most useful and have personally bookmarked for the latest content for Xamarin developers.

Xamarin Blog (official)

This is a handy go-to resource for all Xamarin developers. The articles are written by senior members and developers on the Microsoft Xamarin team, covering a breadth of mobile app development topics. Being the official blog for all things Xamarin it is a credible source of news and for finding out the latest tips and best practices when building your cross-platform mobile apps.

Planet Xamarin

Planet Xamarin is a website that aggregates content from the Xamarin community. They encourage users to subscribe to their RSS feed or follow them on social media, though we tend to just check the website directly. Since the website is an aggregator, the blogs are in a variety of languages – from Mandarin to Spanish, to thankfully for us, English. We would love them to add a language filter, but it is still easy to find articles in your preferred language if you stop by often enough.

Channel 9’s The Xamarin Show

Launched in 2004, Channel 9 is Microsoft’s video channel and hosts discussions, podcasts, screencasts and interviews about the company’s technology. The Xamarin Show is a weekly show aimed at Xamarin developers. The show is hosted by James Montemagno (Principal Program Manager for Mobile Developer Tools at Microsoft) and covers the latest news, the building and extention of mobile applications, as well as spotlighting great apps that developers are building in Xamarin.

Reddit Xamarin Developers

As a social news aggregator and discussion platform Reddit can be a handy way to stay up to date on the latest in Xamarin, without needing to have social media accounts or follow hundreds of people. The Xamarin Developers Reddit page is great for this and enables developers to ask questions to the community as well as discuss their own projects with like-minded individuals.


We hope you find the above useful as a starting point for Xamarin news and updates. If you feel we have missed any key sites or have any recommendations for any Xamarin online resources you follow, we would be happy to hear them – just @ballardchalmers on Twitter and we will certainly reply.

If you want to find out more about Ballard Chalmers work in Xamarin or mobile app development, check out our pages or get in touch.

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