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SQL Server 2019 Cumulative Update 15

SQL Server 2019 Cumulative Update 15 (CU15) is out. It contains, as well as the normal fixes, several improvements, particularly for the SQL Engine for Linux.

This release contains 29 fixes in the areas of SQL performance, the SQL engine, management tools, high availability, Data Quality Services and Analysis Services.

You can see each fix and its details here: Cumulative Update 15 for SQL Server 2019.

The seven improvements also released were:

  • Use signed certificates with multiple Domain Name System (DNS) names (All)
  • Improvements to capture sp_server_diagnosticsXEvent in an AlwaysOn_health XEvent session when STATE is 3 (ERROR) to diagnose HADR Health Events (Windows)
  • Reverting progress has been added to SQL Server error logs in SQL Server 2019 (Windows)
  • You can now use 1 for a true value and 0 for a false value in the mssql-conf Boolean settings (Linux)
  • Using SQL Server 2019 together with the mssql-conf and adutil utilities, you can now rotate Active Directory (AD) key tabs without down time and reduce the number of AD customer service requests by simplifying deployment (Linux)
  • Add a setting for the machine key location on Linux separately to generic SQL Server and Partner Admin Link (PAL) encryption settings (Linux)
  • Improvement in capturing memory dumps on unexpected crashes in SQL Server 2019 on Linux (Linux)
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