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SQL Server 2022 – Limited Preview

SQL Server 2022 is not due for public release until next year, but November brought us a limited preview with certain customers being onboarded in advance of the public preview. If you want to register to be one of the few, here is the link: Join the SQL Server 2022 Early Adoption Program

Promoted as the most Azure-enabled release of SQL Server this release is packed with improvements in security, availability and of course, performance.

When we say Azure-enabled this is just some of what we have to look forward to:

  • Full integration with the new link feature in Azure SQL Managed Instance providing near real-time data replication to Azure.
  • Azure Synapse Link delivering automatic change feeds that take the changes within SQL Server and feed those into Azure Synapse Analytics.
  • Full integration with Azure Purview for greater data discovery.

There are plenty of other new features to look forward to in SQL Server 2022 and you can take a deeper dive at the Ignite session or in the Microsoft blog.

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