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The Transparity Group’s First Annual ESG Report – Setting the Bar High

Transparity’s first ESG (environment, social and governance) impact report is now out! As part of the Transparity Group and as a business that has always put importance on social responsibility, we are proud of the interest and focus being put on the environment, social impact and governance.

This independent ESG review was carried out by Sustainable-Advantage. They are working with the Transparity Group on developing plans for contributing to a fairer, greener world. Where everyone can reach their potential.

See the full ESG Report

Here is what Transparity have to say about the report:

“The report outlines our journey to date and documents a range of specific objectives we’re committed to reaching over the course of the next year and beyond. We strongly believe this report underlines our belief that our culture differentiates us.

“These objectives are aligned with our values and span environmental, social and governance goals, with clear measurement and accountability built in. We’re proud signatories of the Microsoft Partner Pledge, which demonstrates our alignment with Microsoft’s vision of the role of powerfully transformative technology and its potential for good.

“Our aims also intersect with several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which include eliminating poverty, gender equality and climate action.”

ESG Impact Report

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