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Top 12 Reasons to Choose SQL Server

With the release of SQL Server 2014 scheduled for April 2014, here are the Top 12 reasons to choose SQL for your business.

  1. SQL Server 2012 delivers a ROI of up to 189% with a 1-year payback period.
  2. Microsoft DBAs run more mission critical databases, when compared to Oracle DBAs.
  3. SQL Server enables 1 million commands per second.
  4. SQL Server is the most secure of any of the major database platforms.
  5. SQL Server scales to 250 million subscribers.
  6. SQL Server delivers a 460% difference in annual cost of administration per database over Oracle.
  7. Microsoft recognised as a leader of Business Intelligence by Gartner.
  8. Process 14.8 million email messages in 24 hours.
  9. Microsoft recognised as a leader in Data Warehousing by Gartner.
  10. Power Pivot was voted one of eWeek’s Top 10 Technologies of 2010.
  11. SQL Server reduces downtime by over 20% by migrating an SAP ERP environment to SQL Server.
  12. Cut reporting time by 20%.*

* Statistics and figures courtesy of server

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