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Ballard Chalmers – Top Team Augmentation Specialist

Top Staff Augmentation CompanyWe are pleased to share that we are highly-ranked worldwide in IT team augmentation services on The Manifest! Ballard Chalmers also features in the UK list of team augmentation companies.

We provide custom software development through outsourcing, partnership, consulting and resourcing, with optional ongoing support. Each one of these is a valuable method of working with clients and we are chuffed to get this recognition for our team augmentation service.

Team Augmentation

Our purpose is to develop custom enterprise software primarily as an outsourced partner but we also provide valuable IT resourcing. After all, this is another avenue for our expert software engineers to help organisations with custom software development.

Chiefly this is done with long-term clients as another method for continuing to aid and support in development, but it is also available for brand new clients. Team Augmentation means you tap into our Microsoft expertise while continuing to run your project in-house.

Find out more out about our Team Augmentation Service here:

The Manifest

The Manifest is a new website for marketing, mobile apps, websites, and IT services. It explores the state of tech, provides how-to-guides and helps companies find the right service provider. It does this through rankings and lists, made primarily through information on its sister site – Clutch.

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About the Author

Marketing Manager, Leah Monterroso, has been writing blogs and articles for the last six years. Since working with Ballard Chalmers, she has immersed herself in Microsoft tech news and bringing value to clients and the wider community through content.

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