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On Demand Webinar – Cross-Platform Development with .NET MAUI

On demand webinar

Discover Cross-Platform Development with .NET MAUI & Xamarin

We are at the forefront of the latest Microsoft technology and how it can be integrated into organisations to enhance business practice. With the new release of .NET MAUI, discover how you can use MAUI and Xamarin for cross-platform development, including Android and Apple tablets, smartphone devices, Windows desktops and even Tizen. We will cover what it does and why you should use it for your business with Russell Fleming, Senior Software Engineer.


  • Introduction & Overview of Transparity
  • Introduction to mobile application development and platforms
  • Creating native mobile applications using Xamarin.Forms
  • Take advantage of Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android
  • What is .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI)
  • Creating an App targeting multiple device types using .NET MAUI
  • .NET MAUI Demo
  • Next Steps / Q&A / Close

Russell Fleming

Russell is a senior software engineer specialising in the development of cross-platform applications using Xamarin/MAUI.

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