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Financial Services

Lead by well-seasoned experts, Ballard Chalmers has extensive experience delivering custom software development and application engineering to the financial services sector. We deliver technology to empower you to reimagine the customer experience, enable a secure and productive workplace, optimise operations and risk management, meet regulatory requirements, and transform products.


I have probably tried every potential method for software engineering projects and this has been by far the most effective experience I have had. The insights brought by Ballard Chalmers were invaluable.

CEO – Square Marble Technology

CapitalTracker now controls every aspect of our business. That’s why the partnership with Ballard Chalmers has been so important. The programmers work for me, but are supported by their full technical team – it’s the best of both worlds.

Director of Development – Ipes

Working with a team that has such a breadth of fintech and custom software engineering knowledge helped us forecast challenges in the build even before they arose and work to an effective delivery plan, on time and in budget. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with Ballard Chalmers, who have delivered on all fronts.

CEO – Square Marble Technology

We look forward to working with Ballard Chalmers as we enhance our ability to support the 3.3 million Policyholders who have chosen us in the last twelve months and provide operationally excellent systems and infrastructure for the future.

 – CEO, Coverwise

They help you bring out the technical elements of your system. We have our own development team that comes up with the initial technical design but it’s become part of our standard process to use Ballard Chalmers as a sounding board for technical designs whether or not we’re asking them to do the work. They still come back and help us make sure we’re making the right technical choices.

Head of IT – Ipes

It’s been a real pleasure working with you all and I look forward to being able to keep this relationship in the future. I will definitely recommend Ballard Chalmers.”

MI Data Specialist – Lighthouse Group PLC

Software development partner for financial services

Ballard Chalmers is a trusted software development partner to the financial services sector, providing solutions to organisations such as Ipes, The ID Register, Square Marble Technology, American Express, Investec, Nationwide and more.

For these clients we have developed software on-premises and in the cloud in .NET and Azure, SQL Server, SharePoint, BizTalk Server and Xamarin.

Our experts can deliver fully bespoke Microsoft enterprise applications for your organisation, customise existing software so that it performs more in line business objectives, integrate systems, modernise legacy applications, migrate you to the cloud and more. With our core services and expertise, we have great flexibility to work with you across any point of the development lifecycle.

Financial Services Case Studies

Custom solutions we have provided for the financial services sector

Cross-industry solutions

Advisory Services: Advisory Services provides a powerful, integrated platform that empowers financial services professionals to provide better customer service.

Business Intelligence: Solutions based around the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform are designed to enable financial organisations by combining business intelligence with advanced analytic and visualisation capabilities, transforming data into knowledge that can be used to measure business and service performance and make better decisions.

Online: Ballard Chalmers enables organisations to reach new audiences, retain current customers and improve the monetisation of visits to financial services’ online channels with a new generation of financial services portals.

Risk Management and Compliance: Ballard Chalmers is dedicated to helping clients execute visions for an integrated, efficient and productive risk management and compliance environment.

Banking solutions

Branch: Solutions for the bank branch demonstrate how branches can increase revenue while reducing costs and preparing for industry and compliance changes.

Core Banking and Payments: Ballard Chalmers’ proven server technology, mission-critical services and application solutions provide comprehensive solution offerings across banking operations, both on premises and in the Cloud. These solutions include reconciliations, financial messaging, lending, DDA and accounting, treasury, and all forms of payments.

Insurance solutions

Claims Servicing: Our claims servicing solutions manage the technology that support the business process and workflow for claims management through the lifecycle of the claim, providing complete information access to all partners within the claims environment, and resulting in increased collaboration, operational efficiency, competitive differentiation, and financial performance.

Policy Administration: Our solutions deliver opportunities to craft new cross-industry business processes, develop new financial instruments and keep pace with the cycle times of point-of-sale and service demand.

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