Spending too much time or money managing your IT resources? Ballard Chalmers is an award-winning Azure consultancy. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we can help with end to end Azure hosting, managed services, licensing and billing and get Azure Management off your team’s plate.

How Ballard Chalmers can help you

Modern enterprises require IT resources to be flexible. Increasingly, on-premises hosting is ineffective in terms of expense and support. Cloud solutions like Azure Hosting, used correctly, have proven to be the best way forward for expanding enterprises.

It is the proper use which allows cloud infrastructure usage to cut expenses and increase performance while allowing you to scale as you need. This cuts out expensive hardware and infrastructure and the need for local technicians.

Ballard Chalmers provides everything you need to migrate or continue to run on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. We offer, Azure managed services, hosting, licencing and billing. As Microsoft partners, our expertise becomes your expertise.

How Can Ballard Chalmers Help You Move to the Azure Cloud?

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Azure Managed Services

If you struggle to keep your applications running at optimum performance while also working on innovation and new software, Azure Managed Services is what you need. You don’t want to leave your team relying on broken, outdated or high-cost solutions simply due to lack of time or resources.

Ballard Chalmers can you help you to simplify and modernise your enterprise applications to improve efficiency and the collection, reporting and use of your business data. All this while your in-house team get the time to focus on creating innovative new software.

Azure Hosting & Managed Services

Our Azure Managed Service includes:

  • Automated Infrastructure Deployment:

    • Also called deploying Infrastructure-as-Code, this involves having a fully code-driven way of deploying infrastructure in Azure. This can include deploying new Virtual Servers, Databases, Service Bus Queues and so on
    • An entire test or live environment can be created and updated, using a single deployment script, called an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Template
  • Automated Software Build and Release:

    • Involves taking a new release of a system from the source control system and fully automating the building of the system and then releasing it to the Development, Test or Live Environments
    • Build and Release Pipelines in Azure DevOps are used to carry out these deployments
  • System Monitoring:

    • Once a system is live in Azure, Azure Monitor and Application Insights are used to monitor the system, for both unexpected errors and overall performance.
    • Includes creating dashboards that show the overall system health. And alerting system administrators when errors occur, or usage goes outside certain limits, including things like %CPU > 70, Disk Space > 80%, Response Time > .5 seconds, etc
    • As well as automated monitoring, proactive monitoring can be carried out, this involves periodically checking the Azure environment to ensure that everything is operating as expected and if required carrying out any remedial actions
  • Disaster Recovery:

    • Azure Cloud Services generally include provision for Disaster Recovery (DR). This usually includes mirroring of disks for virtual servers, automated backups for databases and so on. In the event that these standard services levels do not offer the level of DR required then Ballard Chalmers can advise on and implement advanced DR techniques. This can include additional database backups, database mirroring, geographical replication of servers and databases with automated failover of systems in the event that an entire data centre fails

Ready to talk? Get in touch with us discuss how our Azure Team can help with your projects

Azure Hosting, Licencing & Billing

As an Azure Cloud Solution Provider, we have in-depth understanding and expertise in Microsoft Azure hosting. Here at Ballard Chalmers, we deliver the Microsoft cloud solution that best fits your needs, be it the Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud.

We provide clients with specialist knowledge to ensure their software portfolio is licensed in the most cost-effective and flexible way. Licensing is not only a legal requirement but can get extremely complicated. Which is why every member of our licensing specialist team holds vendor qualifications, including the Microsoft Certified Professional.

After purchase, a License Portal is fully available to you, with the central hub helping you keep on top of your Azure licensing through online ordering, contract and maintenance management and the service desk.

Why Ballard Chalmers

Heritage:We have been a successful software company for years and have been hands-on since the day Azure was released.

Expertise:As Azure Cloud Solution Providers and expert software developers and consultants we are primed to manage your cloud-hosted software.

Experience:We have a long track record of successfully delivering Microsoft Azure solutions for many major local and international clients. 

Microsoft Gold Partners: Both the company and our developers have met extensive technology requirements and demonstrated expertise in rigorous exams.


Featured Case Studies

  • UK Trade Association Academy
  • Financial Services Company - Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL, Power BI Case Study

Working with a team that has such a breadth of fintech and custom software engineering knowledge helped us forecast challenges in the build even before they arose and work to an effective delivery plan, on time and in budget. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with Ballard Chalmers, who has delivered on all fronts.


CEO, Square Marble Technology