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Audit & Health Checks

Our Health Checks will examine and review the existing state of your systems and applications and propose what can be done to repair, optimise or improve as applicable.



Health checks for enterprise software are vital to performance.

As demand grows, some systems now need to cope with hundreds of times the workload they were originally designed for.

In addition, as technology moves on, some systems are modified to take advantage of more and more of a vast range of features, configurations can become less than optimal, and issues can result.

Standard with every Ballard Chalmers Health Check is a detailed RAG (Red, Amber, Green) report, which highlights from the most urgent fixes needed through to suggested tweaks. At this point you can opt to make the fixes and changes yourself or we can quote to do them for you.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are fluent in all of the technologies we offer health checks for.

Ballard Chalmers quickly understood our requirement and deployed the right people to deliver the work effectively. The team were extremely professional and highly competent. They had intimate knowledge of the wider Microsoft stack and they drew on the wider experience within the company to ensure they delivered high quality work.

Founding Partner – Not Binary

Ballard Chalmers are approachable and helpful and always go the extra mile to help. The solutions they have delivered have been reliable and solid

Application Support Engineer – Tokyo Electron

I would highly recommend them for their SharePoint knowledge and willingness to always seek to understand what you want and then to recommend the right solution

CIO – Oxford Computer Group

Audit & Health Checks Case Studies

Higher Education Institution

Ballard Chalmers was brought in to the university for a risk management review of all Microsoft applications. This was required in anticipation of a key developer’s exit. The main applications architect of circa 20 years had left and the successor was also leaving the following month.

International Invoice Collections Firm

The client, an international invoice collections firm, provides a credit management service to their customers through its own custom software system. This system imports details of invoices raised from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP and Oracle and then enforces a process that manages the collection of the payment of those invoices.

Enterprise Application Health Checks

Technology is consistently evolving. Our Enterprise Application Health Check will review your existing systems and advise on performance enhancements which can or need to be made.

This type of health check will often uncover bugs that you may not have been aware of. We encourage regular health checks to be incorporated into your Application Lifecycle Management strategy to help you pre-plan fixes before they spiral into something bigger and to control costs.

Azure Consulting


Our Azure Service Health Checks provide you with personalised guidance and support.

This service will help you understand the impact of issues and prepare for planned maintenance and changes that could affect the availability of your resources. The outcome is a comprehensive view into the health of your Azure systems.

SQL Server Consulting


If you haven’t undertaken one in a while, there are some signs that will let you know that now is the time for a SQL Server Health Check, such as slowed database performance; applications have gradually slowed down over time; upgraded hardware but no improvement in query times.

Our health checks can also answer whether you are taking full advantage of SQL Server’s capabilities.

Sharepoint Consulting


The Ballard Chalmers SharePoint Health Check helps to protect your investment by reviewing the condition of your SharePoint farm.

We look at your system from both technical and business points of view. We report any urgent remedial actions needed and advise you on longer-range strategic improvements.

BizTalk Server Consulting


In our experience, there are a number of common mistakes that can occur in a BizTalk Server deployment that can slow it down, or make it perform not as it should.

Ballard Chalmers is one of only a handful BizTalk experts in the UK and we can conduct a performance health check to identify any problems adversely affecting your existing system.

Why Ballard Chalmers

Ballard Chalmers’ Microsoft consultancy specialists will work with you and your team to design, deploy, debug or adopt Microsoft technologies both efficiently and cost-effectively. A vital requirement for minimizing risk in complex initiatives.


We were established in 2005, though our heritage is much longer. We have over 30 years’ experience of Microsoft consultancy for the enterprise.


As software engineers, we are technical problem solvers. This is what we do. Our developers use Microsoft technology day in and day out.


Our technical team of software developers, engineers and architects are certified by Microsoft for their professional skill sets having undertaken rigorous exams.


We have a long track record of successful audits and health checks and have helped both SMBs and enterprises with this service.
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