When you need an independent viewpoint, advice, or emergency help with your in-house Microsoft custom software, or software development, call Ballard Chalmers – Microsoft Gold Certified software consultants.

How our Software Consultants can help you

Our expert consultants are highly trained and certified through Microsoft in their respective areas. We are available to advise for a single day, few days or for longer engagements.

We deliver expert software consultancy at the highest level, including:

  • Proof of concept
  • Technology architecture design and review
  • System design and specification
  • Health checks
  • Legacy system review
  • Emergency application failure resolution
  • Short term mentoring
  • Hands-on training

Though we are available for full development outsourcing or partnership, we are always ready to consult on Microsoft custom software development without any further commitment.

Our most common consulting is short on site engagement, reviewing and analysing, followed up with a written report containing executive level advice, or more detailed analysis and recommendations.

Custom Software Consultancy

We can advise on your enterprise application’s architecture, design, configuration and code, or fix bugs. We can also analyse your systems to determine how and what changes can be made to make internal processes more efficient.

If a bug crops up and you need assistance, call on us as Microsoft Gold consultants. We can come for as little as a day to several weeks or even longer, to help you or your internal team get through the difficulty and your custom software development back on track.


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About our Software Consultants

Microsoft Certified Software Consultants for you

Our team of highly-skilled, Microsoft Certified Software Consultants provide you with specialist expertise across the Microsoft Enterprise stack, including .NET & Azure, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, Azure Integration Services, BizTalk Server and Xamarin.

We are totally tech focussed on .NET, Azure, SQL Server, SharePoint, BizTalk and Xamarin development and our team are genuine experts in this with many years of experiencein the tech we are consulting in. We are providing advice on the products we use every day.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Benefits of hiring Ballard Chalmers consultants:

  • Save time and stress getting on board the experts right when you need them.
  • Gain flexibility using your in-house team for day-to-day issues and calling in Ballard Chalmers consultants only when you need us.
  • Tap into our Microsoft Gold partnership expertise.
  • Hire us for short term engagements with no strings attached or keep us on as long-term knowledgeable partners for further consulting, application support or development projects.
  • Gain an expert opinion and access to the rest of our team and CTO, Geoff Ballard’s years of experience.
  • Gain experts with knowledge across the Microsoft enterprise stack who can advise on the correct technology to use and how best to proceed whether its on-premises, hybrid or cloud.



Why Ballard Chalmers

Ballard Chalmers’ Microsoft consultancy specialists will work with you and your team to design, deploy, debug or adopt Microsoft technologies both efficiently and cost-effectively. A vital requirement for minimizing risk in complex initiatives.

Our Microsoft Gold partnership, highly skilled team and years of experience enable us to provide you with up-to-date on-point solutions for your enterprise applications, system integration, application modernization and more.

Heritage:As a company we were established in 2005, though our heritage is much longer. We have over 30 years’ experience of Microsoft enterprise consultancy and know we can give expert recommendations and advice, or help your team through a tough spot with team augmentation or outsourcing.

Expertise:We are not just software developers; we are software engineers. As software engineers we are technical problem solvers – this is what we do. Our consultants work with Microsoft technology on a daily basis and we bring that experience and expertise to you.

Microsoft Certified Consultants:Each of our Software Consultants are software developers, engineers or architects and certified by Microsoft for their professional skill sets. They bring both fresh eyes and years of experience to your development.  

Microsoft Gold Partners:Only the top 5% of Microsoft Partners have attained Microsoft competencies and Gold demonstrates best-in-class capability. We have met extensive technology requirements and demonstrated expertise through rigorous exams. Tap into our expertise with consultancy.


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Our Technologies


NET Consulting

We consult so that the true business requirements are captured and analysed, ensuring that business processes, as reflected in the .NET software architecture and design, are streamlined, efficient and flow logically. We want to help you achieve your goals.

Azure Consulting

If you are looking at migrating to the Azure Cloud but would like some expert advice, our Azure consultants can look at your existing server/hybrid system and give you expert recommendations on how best to move forward – be it hybrid or cloud.

SQL Server Consulting

Ballard Chalmers’ principals have been leading the way in SQL Server consulting for over 30 years. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, you can trust in our team for both off-site and on-site consulting services. Get SQL DBA advice or performance tuning from the experts.

Xamarin Consulting

If your mobile application development is in trouble, needs a health check or you potentially want to expand to cross-platform, we will provide a highly skilled and certified Xamarin consultant to help you through the issue or to help you create the cross-platform designs.

Sharepoint Consulting

Our consultants can engage with you to understand what you are trying to achieve in SharePoint Server, demonstrate what the platform can do without any coding to meet your needs and suggest ways to extend the platform with custom development as needed.

BizTalk Server Consulting

We are one of a handful of BizTalk Server development experts in the UK. We can provide our expert knowledge to you, as consulting, on enterprise integration solutions for upgrades, migrations or architectural advice on all aspects of BizTalk Server and Azure Logic Apps.

Consultation at any stage of Development

Whether you have a brand-new idea or would like to add a new feature, proof of concept is the first step, particularly for startups looking for further investment. Our consultants can create a proof of concept with you or advise on any pre-existing designs and ideas. Enabling you to begin envisioning your custom software development journey.

This first stage of custom software development is vital. Choosing the right technology and architectural design is, after all, the base for the rest of your software development. We can provide expert consulting, creating the designs or reviewing any existing plans. With our consulting, we can provide experts and a fresh eye so that you can go into your custom software development project knowing you are on a firm foundation.

If you have an in-house team working on a custom development project, or are a startup just getting going, you may find the need for system design and specification consulting. Getting this stage right is vital for keeping your custom development project in budget and on schedule. Providing consulting to your in-house team will lessen the pressure and workload and ensure the development stage gets underway on the right footing.

If your Microsoft custom software has been in use for a while, it is time for a health check. With technology evolving and demand increasing, the workload your system needs to cope with can dramatically change and increase. Calling in consultants is often very enlightening as it provides another set of eyes to look over your custom software. Your existing system will be reviewed and performance enhancements and recommendations made with a detailed RAG (Red, Amber, Green) report highlighting the urgent and suggested tweaks and changes.

If you are operating with a legacy system, consulting advice on performance, best practice and health checks are vital to keeping your system operating viably. A legacy system needs care and attention to continue to function and be user friendly. Don’t wait for an emergency to have your legacy system looked at by expert Microsoft Gold consultants.

Our highly trained consultants can do emergency or short notice visits for application failure resolution. When something crops up that could be damaging for you or your clients you need fast and on-point consulting provided by Microsoft Gold partners. Our consulting can get you through a tough spot and out the other side with minimal hassle.

Our consultants can provide short-term mentoring or training to your in-house team, boosting their know-how and ability to internally develop your custom application. This mentoring can be vital to both the team itself and the development cycle, increasing your developers’ confidence and skill set to continue the Microsoft custom software development in-house.

Featured Case Studies

  • A London University - Architecture & Systems Consultancy Case Study

Having worked with Ballard Chalmers previously, they were an obvious choice to bring into Mencap to consult… Geoff Ballard is very knowledgeable and was able to distil our problems and provide proposals on how to proceed… [They] were instrumental in mitigating risk associated with our project.


Programme and Infrastructure Manager, Mencap


Ready to talk? Get in touch with us discuss how our software consultants can help with your projects