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Azure Integration Services

Azure Integration Services offers a unique set of serverless cloud services that provide a secure, scalable and easy to manage solution to the integration of both cloud and on-premises applications. Ballard Chalmers design, develop, deliver and support enterprise integration solutions and provide expertise on all aspects of Azure Integration Services.

SOME OF OUR Azure Integration Services ENGAGEMENTS

Azure Integration Services

We provide expert help to determine the best approach to design, develop and support your Enterprise Application Integration using the most suitable services in Azure Integration Services.

Azure Integration Services is not a new Azure service but instead is a collection of other Azure services. This makes a lot of sense, why try and produce a new service that contains functionality that already exists in other services, just add new functionality where needed and take advantage of the whole of Azure for everything else.

The core components of Azure Integration Services are detailed here: and consist of:

  • Logic Apps: Provides data connection and orchestration features
  • Service Bus: Secure message queuing service
  • API Management: Provides secure control and throttling features for APIs
  • Event Grid: Event routing system

Plus, you can use any other Azure service that you wish such as SQL Azure, Azure Tables, CosmosDB, Blob Storage, Azure Functions and much more.

Azure Integration Services

In addition, because Azure Integration Services is built on Azure using Azure services, the system is:

  • Fully managed by Microsoft and so the level of system administrator support is minimal, with no need to patch or backup
  • New code releases can be automatedly deployed using the release pipeline features built into Azure DevOps
  • New deployments can be completely managed using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates, which can automate the setup of all the Azure Services

In partnering with Ballard Chalmers, we were able deliver within project timescales what would traditionally have been on-premises Microsoft Biztalk applications as scalable Azure PaaS solutions.

Group Head of IT – EVO Group

Ballard Chalmers worked with RHS to design and deliver the RHS Integration platform that underpins our first application using Microsoft Azure. The Digital Membership App has been a great success for the RHS, eliminating paper forms and moving to a native digital solution.

Development Manager – Royal Horticultural Society

Azure Integration Services Case Studies

Evo Group

Evo Group is the UK and Ireland’s largest specialist multi-channel business supplies and service distributor. They offer an array of tailored and specialist services within each channel, acting as a one-stop-shop, and with the broadest multi-channel sales structure in the sector.

Royal Horticultural Society

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is the UK’s leading gardening charity, aiming to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place. Founded over 200 years ago, the RHS promotes horticulture through gardens, flower shows, and training for gardeners.

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Royal Horticultural Society


Imagination is an international, independent, creative communications agency that sets out to transform business through creativity and to build relationships between people and brands, products and services. With clients such as Rolls-Royce, Harvey Nichols, Elemis and Jaguar Land Rover, they are an award-winning agency.

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Reduce Integration Overhead

Azure Integration Services offers a greatly reduced administration overhead compared with BizTalk and other systems.

Azure Integration Services is a great step forward and a world-class cloud-based system for integrating systems in the cloud and on-premises.

When used in combination with the Ballard Chalmers Data Integration Hub Framework, even the most complex enterprise data integrations can be created easily and risk-free.

All using a tried and tested architecture and components based on Azure Integration Services backed up with fully automated deployments and monitoring.

If you have existing BizTalk Server systems that require support, modernisation, consultancy or development, our engineers are on hand to help you with them.

We have been BizTalk development experts for many years and though now most systems are being migrated to Azure Integration Services, our in-depth knowledge of BizTalk Server integration solutions for all ERP, CRM, EDI, Salesforce, databases and custom applications is available.

BizTalk Server

More About Azure Integration Services

Azure Integration Services is a collection of Azure services. Here we take a look in more detail at the core components.

Azure Logic Apps

Logic Apps allows you to create workflows and coordinate business processes. It provides connections to hundreds of services both in the cloud and on-premises. Azure Logic Apps is built on a containerised runtime and can be deployed and run from anywhere.

Service Bus

Use Service Bus to connect both on-premises and cloud-based apps and services for messaging workflows. Service Bus can send messages to multiple back-end systems, talk to Java Message Service and scale out ordered messaging to multiple readers, among other features.

API Management

Use API Management for secure publishing of your APIs for internal and external developers when working with back-end systems hosted on-premise or in the cloud. API Management modernises and simplifies work across hybrid and multicloud environments by providing a single place to manage APIs.

Event Grid

Event Grid connects third-party and Azure services for a fully managed event-routing service. Event Grid uses a simple publish-to-subscribe model for your event-based apps and is developed for high availability, scalability and consistent performance.

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