Ballard Chalmers delivers expert Microsoft .NET capabilities for custom software application consultancy, development and ongoing support. We provide both project based delivery off-site based at our UK offices, or staff augmentation resource working within your existing team.

Custom Software Development

Ballard Chalmers delivers a bespoke Microsoft .NET application development service that brings into reality the ambitions of our clients.

We work closely and consultatively so that the true business requirements are captured and analysed, ensuring that business processes as reflected in the software architecture and design are streamlined, efficient and flow logically. Proper design, architecture and overview are essential to developments which function well.

We are also extremely proficient in rescuing wayward software developments. Our experience ensures we are able to quickly identify and solve even the most complex of problems, explain what has happened, and how to fix it. We can either do the fixing directly, or we can work alongside your in-house team.

Our software engineers and consultants can help you with:

  • Custom building new high-performance applications to help you innovate and disrupt your market
  • Custom software development for cloud, on-premises and mobile applications
  • System re-engineering – upgrading and migrating legacy applications to the cloud
  • Migrating between versions
  • Maintaining and supporting new or existing custom .NET platforms
  • Integrating cross-platform applications

.NET Core Application Development

With Ballard Chalmers’ Microsoft .NET Core application development you have software delivered which has all the power of the .NET Framework along with the flexibility and support of open source.

.NET Core offers significant benefits for new application development. All brand-new .NET projects developed by Ballard Chalmers use .NET Core, delivering to you an enterprise application built for Windows, Linux, macOS and Docker, as well as device, cloud and embedded system, using the same code.

Our team of .NET Core experts can help you with:

  • Full service .NET Core application development, or consulting and implementation services
  • .NET Core application customisation
  • ASP.NET Core web application development

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.NET Framework Application Development

The .NET Framework is the backbone of software development on the Microsoft Platform and Ballard Chalmers has been developing software using it since it was first released in 2002.

The .NET Framework provides a unified development structure for enterprise software development and includes all the core features an application needs in one place including File, Network and I/O, User Interface, Memory and Thread Management, Encryption and Exception handling.

We also provide expert help in:

  • ASP.NET (including MVC and Web Forms) for creating bespoke Web Applications
  • Web API for creating secure APIs with JSOM/XML and exposed with REST and SOAP
  • LINQ, Entity Framework and ADO.NET for managing database access
  • UWP and WPF for creating Windows Client Applications
  • OAuth, Forms, Windows Authentication and SAML for managing authentication
  • WCF for creating XML Web Services
  • C# – the de facto programming language when using .NET

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Custom built online Fund Administrator platform for Ipes: The ID Register.

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Single-Page Applications (SPA)

A single-page application is a web application or website that interacts with the user by dynamically managing a single page rather than constantly retrieving new pages from the server. The SPA provides for a more responsive and improved user experience and most modern web applications are now developed this way.

Ballard Chalmers develops SPA web applications using:

  • AngularJS to deliver the user interface: Angular JS is open source, and is endorsed by Microsoft. Both Microsoft and Google collaborated on the development of Angular JS version 2
  • ReactJS to deliver the user interface: ReactJS originated at Facebook and has been adopted by Microsoft
  • Web API, the .NET framework and Entity Framework to deliver the data

All Ballard Chalmers web developers are fully conversant in .NET and AngularJS & ReactJS.

Azure / Cloud

.NET and the services provided by the Azure cloud are closely linked. Click here for more details on how Ballard Chalmers develop Azure cloud applications using .NET.

Microsoft Azure

Ballard Chalmers delivers software engineering in the cloud and is committed to developing on the Azure Cloud Platform.

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