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SQL Server Health Check

The Ballard Chalmers SQL Server Health Check is designed to review your systems and provide you with the operational status of your existing environment, fix any urgent issues and recommend a roadmap for improvement, if needed.

SQL Server Health Check

A regular SQL Server Health Check is recommended to catch problems before they evolve into something bigger.

If you haven’t undertaken one in a while, there are some signs that will let you know that now is the time for one, such as:

  • Slowed database performance;
  • Applications have gradually slowed down over a period of time;
  • Hardware upgraded but no improvement in query times.

Additionally, you may be unsure whether you have the right indexes applied, have considerations whether your backup strategy is bullet-proof or want to verify that SQL Server and the operating system has been installed and configured according to best practice. You may just be uncertain whether you’re taking full advantage of SQL Server’s capabilities. Our SQL Server Health Check can provide you with these answers.

A SQL Server Health Check to fit your needs

We work across all levels of the enterprise, with management wanting a second opinion; with busy network admins requiring SQL Server expertise; and with seasoned developers simply requiring another pair of hands. Therefore we can offer different types of Health Checks:

Basic: Reports any urgent remedial actions needed, reviews whether critical best practices are being followed and as advice on longer-range strategic improvements.

Comprehensive: Provides an in-depth evaluation of your environment. After a detailed assessment, we customise priorities to address the specific issues based on findings. We focus on your most important issues, resulting in a prioritised set of recommendations as well as detailing deeper repairs and enhancements that should be planned.

With both options, minor repairs that can be done on the spot are completed.

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