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Xamarin/.NET MAUI

Xamarin/.NET MAUI development creates mobile applications that share code across platforms. With our focus on the Microsoft Enterprise Platform, Xamarin/NET MAUI is the Ballard Chalmers tool of choice for building mobile applications that are fully integrated with enterprise systems. This technology offers greatly reduced costs for cross-platform mobile development, together with a high level of C# code sharing between mobile apps and the systems they interface with.


Build your mobile application once, and deploy anywhere.

With the Xamarin/.NET MAUI platform, we create apps for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Tizen in C#. Xamarin/.NET MAUI developed apps all use the same language, APIs and data structures and share on average greater than 95% of code across all mobile development platforms.

C# is also used to develop the server applications that mobile apps communicate with, resulting in the major benefit of having the same programming language and development platform being used across the full application development stack.

Benefits of building your app in Xamarin/.NET MAUI


Faster turnaround

Fewer bugs

Cost efficient

It’s Microsoft!

The development with Ballard Chalmers was straight forward with minimal user acceptance testing. Full credit goes to the developers and management of our development partner, who fully understood the requirements and delivered with remarkable speed. They made it a completely painless process and that gave us confidence that AppCan XP would be very successful.

Managing Director – AppCan

Offline Working and SQLite

Developing mobile apps that work where there is no Internet connection, and re-sync the data when back online, is essential for enterprise mobile applications.

In these cases, unless the data structures are extremely simple and can be stored in a data file, Ballard Chalmers will manage on-device data using an SQLite database. SQLite has the major advantage of being based on SQL which is known to most developers.

Enterprise custom mobile software development for AppCan – the smart field data solution.


Xamarin/.NET MAUI offers two ways to develop the UI for a mobile application. Given the requirements of a mobile application, Ballard Chalmers can advise on which of these approaches is the most suitable.

1. Forms:

  • This is based on XAML the standard for Windows Desktop application development
  • Offers very high levels of code compatibility between IOS, Android and Windows apps

2. iOS and Xamarin.Android:

  • Supports separate and totally native custom UI code for iOS and Android devices
  • Offers the opportunity for making the UI very device specific at the expense of having reduced code sharing. Only the non-UI elements will share code


Ballard Chalmers develops, re-engineers, deploys and manages enterprise applications in the cloud, hybrid or on-premises. As Microsoft Gold partners and leading professionals, our suite of comprehensive services enables speed to market, scalability and futureproofing for business-critical applications. We’d like you to consider us your outsourced IT department.


As Microsoft Gold partners, our consultants are industry veterans and experts in the features and technology of Microsoft technology. Bring in our consultants for small engagements such as advice, recommendations, risk management review or licencing assessments; or larger engagements such as proof of concept or application failure resolution.


We can provide ongoing application support for custom software whether we built it or it is an existing system. Our support staff are fully qualified software engineers, not helpdesk staff. That means your support team will be very familiar with the technology used and be able to provide the expertise you need, when you need it.


Increase the capacity of your in-house team for custom software development with our expert team augmentation. Take our Microsoft Gold partner expertise and give your team the boost required to get your development completed. If you are tight for deadlines or taking on a larger project than normal in-house, this is a simple and fast solution.


Xamarin Test Cloud enables automated testing of an application’s functionality, usability and consistency on thousands of devices in the cloud.

With so many different mobile devices on the market, all with differing screen sizes and capabilities, it is important for applications to be checked for compatibility.

Xamarin Test Cloud (part of Visual Studio App Center) removes a lot of testing challenges whilst speeding up the process and enabling organisations that need it, to target a wider range of devices.

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