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I just want to say it’s been an absolute joy working here these past 4 days. It’s such a breath of fresh air, and I’ve been made to feel so welcome by absolutely everybody without fail. I can’t tell you how much that pleases me – I’m really looking forward to working with everyone.

Technical Delivery Manager – Ballard Chalmers

I just realized I’ve already been on a 2-year journey with my BC family after receiving a stunning gift hamper. I sincerely thank you for accepting me into the BC family and for all the encouragement. I love to continue my journey with you. Also, thank you for introducing East Grinstead to my family as it is my hometown now.

Senior Software Developer – Ballard Chalmers

The best thing about working at Ballard Chalmers is that I am working with professionals who are at the top of their game, and everyone is fully focussed on ensuring we always do the very best for our clients.

Delivery Manager – Ballard Chalmers

I started as a Support Manager became a Project Manager and now I am the Finance and Operations Manager. I am not just an employee, I don’t feel like it is a job where I just do the day’s work and leave, I am a part of the company.

Finance & Operations Manager – Ballard Chalmers

I like working at Ballard Chalmers because as a small-size company, I can see the processes and internal working of the company and get to work directly with the owners and top management.

Finance & Operations Manager – Ballard Chalmers

I am happy to extend – I love you guys!

Software Consultant – Ballard Chalmers

It’s great to feel appreciated but equally it’s working with people who really understand how to run software projects and build great software (and are really good at it!) that makes this particular engagement stand out amongst all the others.

Associate Senior Software Engineer – Ballard Chalmers

I note that it is a year this month that I started working with you. The team, the projects and the overall support I’ve received have been great. I really enjoy working with you all.

Associate Senior Software Engineer – Ballard Chalmers

I have been at BC for 3 years and have developed SQL Server Data warehouses, built web apps using C# ASP.NET and  Angular. Developed integration solutions using Azure Integration Services and created build and deployment pipelines using Azure Devops. For the full stack developer you couldn’t ask for a better environment, to be challenged and to push your boundaries, all this within a friendly and supportive team.

Associate Senior Software Engineer – Ballard Chalmers

I feel I have grown since working for BC, in my ability to manage the strategy, plans and day-to-day parts of my job. It is not an industry I expected to work in but it has turned out to be very rewarding.

Marketing Coordinator – Ballard Chalmers

Working at Ballard Chalmers is fantastic for one on one support, giving you the opportunity to have tailored learning.  Each day is diverse with the opportunity to work on a cross-section of projects in parallel.

Project Manager – Ballard Chalmers

First and foremost I value the high level of trust BC afford to us to design and implement software, and choose the best tools for the job. Also I enjoy working with a variety of clients on some challenging projects. Lastly their progressive and flexible working environment is a great benefit especially in recent times of unprecedented change.

Associate Senior Software Engineer – Ballard Chalmers

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